March 27, 2013

WMC 2013

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I’m on the plane ride home from my first WMC; back to the Dirty Jerz I go. I had a wonderful experience and had the chance to meet some very innovative influential people thanks to MaMa MOXY Renee Castee at MOXYPro and Mr. Cary Vance from promo only. So much thanks and appreciation goes to them this week for taking me under there wing and making me feel nothing but comfortable. I’d also like to congratulate Cary Vance on his award for best independent promotion/marketing promoter at the IDMA’s. I’d also like to congratulate the whole Promo Only team on their award for best independent promotion company! Congrats guys, you all deserve it! I’m happy to say I was there and got to share the experience with some of you from the promo only team.  I would also like to thank Margo from the WMC, I have nothing but respect for the tight ship you and your company run and was pleased to have been apart of your conference this year. Thank you for having me, I look forward to coming back next year.

My experience on this trip was a very knowledgable one. It was also a very valuable learning experience that I will never forget. There’s always some sort of drama, but I put that behind me made the best out of my trip and stayed focus. One thing ive learned so far in my short existence, is that things aren’t always going to go as anticipated, and planned. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, make changes if at all possible stay grounded and keep focused.

This was the first time my mom/manager was not traveling with me due to my sister being 9 months pregnant and a week over due. I was a little nervous at first, I can’t deny that. Everything always works out as it did this week. Monday night was my performance at Kung Fu lounge. Rocked that shit! Thank you again Gino Caporale for inviting me to perform and be apart of such a great event! I always appreciate the love and support you are always showing me as a growing artist! It was an honor to share the mic with all of the other talented performers that night, Debra Michaels, Margie Martino, Nicole Kerrigan, DJ Spontane, Gino Caporale, and Chris Sammarco. Everyone did a fantastic job and the night was filled with nothing but respect and support for one another, as it should always be that way!

Tuesday was a bit of a shit storm during the day. I won’t go into it because as I’ve previously stated, I put it behind me. As Renee had taught me a quote to live by this past week “breathe in the fresh air and blow out the bullshit” which I found incredibly true and helpful. So as I found my center and got myself together. I met up with DJ Loki from Party 105 in NY and some of his friends.  Vic Latino who is the program director and DJ at Party was the first station to add my single “In This Moment” which is currently hitting radio. Needless to say I have the upmost respect for these guys! It doesn’t hurt that their extremely down to earth and similar in personality either. I had a blast at the Clevlender Hotel  getting to know Loki, Shawn Comfort, and Jonathan Gonzalez. It was a very humorous night, they reminded me of my nut ball friends which is always a comforting thing.

Wednesday and Thursday were just crazy days filled with a non-stop schedule. I met with Renee and Cary, went over to the SiriusXM party at the W hotel, then later to the Avicii Hotel for the Clear Channel party. I can’t even begin to go into who I met because this blog would literally turn into a book! I only say that because I met so many great people with such great insight and in starting to share one experience I’d feel obligated to share them all! So let’s just say everyone kicked asses and took names 🙂 in the middle of the chaos of Wednesday night I also stepped out of the Avicii party to walk the black carpet for Miami Fashion week with celebrity stylist and designer Indashio. After the carpet I stepped out and went over to to Rod Carillos party it was great seeing him . I met up with familiar faces as well as new ones in the process, network, network, network!

The thing about this business is that the circle of people you run in circles with is small yet ever changing at the same time. So it’s great to met new people in the circle as well as get to know the people in the circle. For instance the people I felt I grew more personally connected with this past week were Renee Castee, Cary Vance, Tommy Nappi, Chuck Barrett, Angie,  DJ Loki, Tony Gia, and Damian Anthony just to name a few. Every time I do one of these conventions or conferences I always feel like I come out of it with more of a clear head on where people stand. I understand this is business and by no means will the the personal aspect get in the way of the business. It just nice knowing that at the end of the day people are people and that power hasn’t gone to their heads. I learn something within every conversation whether it be a conscious one or not.

Thursday was probably the craziest day. I had Cary’s panel, stopped in Scotty Bs panel, went back over to Sirius Xm party with Cary, Renee, and Chuck, this is where I met Krewella. Then we hopped over to the  Ultra sunset party, where Steve Aoki was spinnin’ doin his thing. After the Ultra party we went and got something to eat, changed an went over to the IDMA’S, walked the red carpet there, enjoyed watching some of the most influential artists an figures in the business receive their awards, including Cary Vance and the whole Promo Only team! Congrats again guys! After that we headed over to the Ralph Lauren and Avicii fundraiser “House for Hunger” spent some time there mingling, while supporting such a great cause! After that it was time for me to go back to the hotel change, pack an balance myself out mentally from such a crazy week. I feel it’s nessissary to  just stop, inhail and fully take in the events that have occurred in a non-stop situation. So this was my week, it was an adventure and quite a journey.

Thank you again Cary Vance and Renee Castee for everything you did for me this week. I’d also like to thank  Michele Wiggins for painting my face on and enhancing my beauty, Sheldon Baldie for photographing my show and Miami’s fashion week’s black carpet. Thank you to Indashio for styling and dressing me at the last minute for all events that occurred during the WMC.

~Candi Lynn


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